What is the one thing that has helped improve the condition of my skin? Easy. The Korean Double Cleanse.
Growing up and learning how to look after my skin, I was always taught to use some sort of cleanser, usually a super foaming face wash, twice a day, morning and evening. However, it wasn’t until I went to Korea years back that I realised the importance of an oil cleanser.

Now I know the thought of extending your daily skincare regime sounds like a faff and I definitely do have my lazy days where I skip it but double cleansing is the only sure fire way to remove all your make up, suncream, and excess sebum effectively. I think back to my teens when I would use a stripping face wash and then rub the stubborn leftover eye make up around my eyes furiously with a face wipe and I cringe inside. Not only would that not clean my skin properly, but would leave my face feeling irritated, red and stripped of moisture.


The first step is using an oil based cleanser. These come in either liquid oils, creams or balms and should be placed directly on to dry skin. In Korea, cleansing oils have been popular for yonks. The majority of women will double cleanse in the evening, sometimes even in the morning as well. Oil cleansers hit the Western beauty market a while ago but some people were sceptical – mainly those with combination / oily skin. More oil on my already oily skin? Are you mad?! But the reality is that these cleansers, containing good oils, are highly effective at removing all the bad oils that accumulate on your face throughout the day. Cleansing oils, such as the Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil, don’t sink in to your pores – they work hard to draw out all the impurities and then, when mixed with water, wash it all away without leaving your skin dry and stripped of essential moisture. Think about it – oil attracts oil, it repels water – this is why it helps draw out all those oil-based products and excess sebum from your skin. Hooray! 

Cleansing Balms have become very popular after the huge success of Banila Co Clean it Zero. The new kid on the block, however, is the Heimish All Clean Balm. Cleansing balms melt in your palms to become oils and when mixed with water create a milky emulsion that removes all impurities away from your skin. Like cleansing oils, they should go on to your face dry – a sensation that most people find strange but trust me, it is so satisfying seeing all your eye make up wash off so easily! 

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So if cleansing oils are so amazing at getting rid of make up, then why do we need to go in again for a second cleanse? Whilst the cleansing oils effectively remove excess sebum, make up and suncream, a foaming cleanser will help remove any water-based substances like bacteria, perspiration or dead skin cells leaving your face feeling super clean! For this second step you will want to choose a cleanser that lathers up well but does not leave your skin feeling tight or stripped of moisture. Many people seek out a cleanser with a lower pH of around 5-6, such as the Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, to help keep bacteria at bay and ensure that your skin isn’t stripped of essential moisture. Simply apply to your wet face, massage and rinse off. 

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The double cleanse method may seem high maintenance but honestly it has helped my skin improve so much, reducing redness, evening out my skin tone and causing fewer breakouts. In typical Korean fashion, the double cleanse method keeps evolving. Brands are now coming out with formulas that go from oil to foam making the double step cleanse quicker and only requiring one product. Conversely, I am now a convert of the triple cleanse. Yeah, you heard me. I will use an eye make up remover to gently remove stubborn make up before going in for my double cleanse. Or, following my double cleanse will use a cleansing water like Thank You Farmer to remove any excess residue. Cleansing Waters are great as well for when you’re in a rush!

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Why not give the Korean double cleanse method a go and see how it can help your skin?

Maree x


Miki said:

Hello Maree. I really like your website and Vlogs, it’s very informative especially your beauty routine and the holiday in Korea. I just want to ask you for advice if I may. I’m visiting Korea next month April with my family for the first time. I am just wondering if its best to exchange currency here in London or is it better in Korea? So sorry to bother you. Thank You. And also I am still browsing your site, I might end up ordering few beauty products before my holiday. :)

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