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When I first visited Seoul as a Korean adoptee, I was frustrated that I couldn't speak the language, I didn't take to kimchi, I wasn’t a size 0 and I was tanned. In other words, I felt like the worst Korean ever. Through all of the searching for my something, I managed to fall deeply and unexpectedly in love with KBeauty. I have always been a beauty junkie but this was something more than that. Discovering KBeauty products enabled me to enjoy a piece of my motherland. For me, it was a link to my birth country; a link that I loved, something that made me connect with fellow Koreans. KBeauty made me look more Korean, but most importantly, it made me feel more Korean.

Returning from my first trip to Korea, I felt flat. I had been separated from my motherland, a country I was only just beginning to connect with. To compound this, when trying to continue my KBeauty connection in the UK, I was hit with frustrations. To bring my favourite products from Korea I had to endure long shipping times, unexpected customs costs and vulnerability to imitation products which all left me hugely unsatisfied.

Fast forward four years, curiosity got the better of me and I took the plunge to quit my job in retail marketing and move to South Korea for 6 months. My plan was twofold; to search for my parents and to research KBeauty. Soon after curating my favourite products via the Beauty & Seoul blog, I had an urge to bring them back to the UK for friends and family so they could all also reap the benefits of perfect skin. The Beauty & Seoul blog and my Instagram introduced me to many Korean brands and the amazing KBeauty community (you guys) both of whom have been so supportive of me and this venture. I want to repay the favour; to work closely with brands and suppliers to bring my favourite products to these shores at the best price. Above all, I want to share the KBeauty love, this little piece of my story, and provide the best service to you to make this a success.

Maree x



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