from Maree

As a Korean adoptee, I found a connection to my motherland through Korean skincare. Taking 10 minutes out of my day to practice some self care, I truly believe that skincare can be a form of selfcare. As the largest organ in your body and 90% of your selfie, why wouldn't you take the time out to treat it!

Beauty & Seoul is a project from the heart and was born out of a tough time in my life. Having quit my job in 2016, I flew to Seoul to embark on a birth family search. I was left disappointed when the search reached a dead end and consequently threw myself in to blogging and researching Korean skincare as a little distraction project. It was in those months in Seoul that I began writing a business plan for Beauty & Seoul - an online store introducing the UK and Europe to the best Korean skincare.

At the time of starting Beauty & Seoul, there were very few options in getting K-Beauty in the UK. As the UK's original K-Beauty curator, I am so happy that you can all reap the benefits of these innovative skincare products. The Beauty & Seoul blog and my Instagram introduced me to many Korean brands and the amazing K-Beauty community (all of you) who have all been so supportive of me and this venture.

With the sheer amount of brands and products emerging from South Korea, it can be difficult to understand what is actually worth using. I want it to feel like a trusted friend introducing you to these products. We work directly with brands to ensure authenticity and I personally test all products that we curate on our site. With a background in Biomedical Science and a Diploma in Cosmetic Science, I am passionate about researching the latest trends and ingredients in the beauty industry. 

It is my mission to make Korean skincare more mainstream and to remind everyone to take time out for themselves. We believe good skincare is selfcare. We also believe that sometimes good things can come out of tough times. I want to share this little piece of my story and journey with you, whilst also providing you with the best service.


Maree x