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Why Beauty & Seoul?

When I first visited Seoul as a Korean adoptee, I was frustrated that I couldn't speak the language, I didn't take to kimchi, I wasn’t a size 0 and I was tanned. In other words, I felt like the worst Korean ever! Through searching for my something, I managed to fall deeply and unexpectedly in love with KBeauty. I have always been a beauty junkie but this was something more than that. Discovering KBeauty products enabled me to enjoy a piece of my motherland. For me, it was a link to my birth country; a link that I loved, something that made me connect with fellow Koreans. KBeauty made me look more Korean, but most importantly, it made me feel more Korean.

Maree x

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The K-Blog

Summer Skincare Secrets

Summer Skincare Secrets

Your skin can undergo massive changes in warmer months and so it’s important that your skincare routine reflects that. Here are some of the changes I’m making to my skincare routine to help keep my skin calm during this seasonal change! 
July 01, 2017 by Maree Kinder
Sheet Mask 101

Sheet Mask 101

Find out ways to make your sheet masks work harder using these tips!
May 27, 2017 by Maree Kinder
The Korean Double Cleanse

The Korean Double Cleanse

What is the one thing that has helped improve the condition of my skin? Easy. The Korean Double Cleanse.
April 18, 2017 by Maree Kinder

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