Aside from BB Creams, sheet masks are probably the most well known Korean Beauty invention. Sheet masks are soaked in essence and are used as a facial treatment. They come in a variety of materials, feature different ingredients and target different skincare concerns. They may seem self explanatory but here are some tips to help your sheet masks work harder!  

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PAT PAT PAT. A sheet mask is drenched in essence and therefore should be used after cleansing and toning. There’s no need to wash your face after, simply pat in the remaining essence and continue your regime as you would after an ordinary essence (with a serum and moisturiser). Learn more about the Korean 10 Step Skincare Regime here.

KEEP IT BRIEF. Some people like to keep their sheet mask on for as long as possible but I prefer to only leave on for the recommended 20 minutes (or whatever the package says). Depending on the material, the sheetmask can sometimes actually draw moisture back out from your skin in to the material.

CHOOSING THE CORRECT MASK. Whilst in Korea, there was a trend of using a sheet mask a day, however, simply using it as you would any other mask (recommended twice a week) is enough. There are so many variations of masks to choose from so choose one that suits your skins particular needs that day. Looking a bit dull? Opt for a brightening one. Dry patches? Pop on a hydrating one. I like to keep a selection of masks to choose from depending on my skins needs.

ESSENTIAL ESSENCE. Still a lot of essence in the sheet mask package? Don’t throw it away! Essences are great for the skin so be sure to pat it down the neck and chest area or even on to your arms as a super effective moisturizer. Or alternatively, pour the rest in a small container to use as a regular essence in your routine.

SPECIAL OCCASION K-GLOW. Got a big event and want your skin to look glowing? Use a brightening sheet mask the evening / few hours before to achieve that quintessential Korean glow!

SUPER CHILL. Living in hot weather and want to cool down? Keep your sheet masks in the fridge and use for a super relaxing and cooling treat.

FABRIC. Sheet masks now come in many different materials – hydrogel, bio-cellulose, microfiber. Find one that best suits your skin. You will find bio-cellulose masks will adhere to your skin more easily, whereas hydrogels have a tendency to slip. That being said, hydrogel masks are especially effective at ensuring all that essence seeps in to your skin easily. Microfiber ones are usually the most common.

IN FLIGHT ROUTINE. I love using a sheet mask on a flight. Yes, I may look freaky and scare people but your skin will thank you for it! With all that recycled air, a sheetmask will ensure your skin remains hydrated and plump allowing you to arrive at your desination with glowing skin!

BODY MASKS?! Sheetmasks are not only for the face. In Korea, there are now many types of masks available for your lips, nose, eyes, feet, hands and even boobs! 

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Maree x


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