KOREA VLOGS DAY 5 | Down time in Seoul

A few more meetings today with Son & Park and J.One, two incredible brands.

We had a bit of down time in between to partake in some of our favourite activities. Mainly eating drinking and larking about in games arcades!

For lunch we stopped at SMT SEOUL. The massive entertainment brand who brought us Shinee, Red Velvet and EXO, opened this stylish tapas restaurant in fashionable Cheongdam.

In the evening we checked out the new flagship Olive Young in Gangnam. A fantastic experience for any KBeauty addict visiting Seoul! We checked out some genius new in-store tech which really enhances the shopping experience (especially after a few soju's)

Being adopted from Korea, going to Seoul always means a lot to me and I can't wait to share our experiences with you in this series. 💖

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