We asked our friend Dr Beibei Du-Harpur on her skincare tips for surviving this cooler weather.

Dr Beibei Du-Harper
MBBChir MRCP MA (Cantab)


Maree: Hi Beibei, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself.

Dr Beibei: My name is Beibei Du-Harpur, and I am a dermatology doctor currently undertaking a PhD, based in London. I am passionate about science, evidence-based holistic medicine and I love to share my knowledge of skin and dermatology.

Maree: As someone with dry skin, I think many people like myself will be struggling with the change in seasons. Is it normal to notice changes in our skin during this transition period? / What types of changes are common?

Dr Beibei: As the temperature cools, and the humidity drops, it is entirely normal to experience changes in your skin. There have even been some research studies investigating this phenomenon! In less humid environments, water is more likely to evaporate quickly from our skin. Therefore, our skin may feel dry; it may be particularly noticeable on your cheeks. Another incredibly common area for dry skin is the shins and lower legs. This reflects a weaker skin barrier, and it may be that we need to do a bit more to support it than in the summer.

Maree: What would you recommend to help combat that dryness? / What would be a good skincare routine to follow?

Dr Beibei: It is definitely worth increasing the hydration in your skincare for both body and face. Look for products contain a good mix of both humectants (such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid) and occlusives (such as petrolatum and shea butter).

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It would be worth minimising any kind of exfoliating activity (whether this is chemical or physical) and using a gentle cleanser; milky cleansers are a good shout but obviously everybody has their own preference. 

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With regards to body washing, I would avoid using too much soap or body wash. Soaps work by dissolving your natural oils; if you are becoming prone to dry skin on your body, I wouldn’t bother using soap in areas other than if there’s visible soiling, or in skin folds such as groin and under-arms as it may make your dry skin worse! Water alone is sufficient to cleanse most body areas.

Thank you Beibei for sharing your knowledge with us!

October 27, 2020 — Maree Kinder

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