After two years of managing Beauty & Seoul ourselves, the time has come to grow! Moving to a warehouse and hiring staff to help with packing, orders and customer service not only means freeing up our time to focus on marketing and expansion plans but also means we can grow our brand offering. It’s always difficult to make the decision to outsource something that is so precious to you, but I’m also confident that this is the right step to make for us to grow as a brand. As some of you know, I made a resolution this year to curate a new brand to Beauty & Seoul every month this year (12 new brands for 2019). So far this year, we have exceeded that and brought you popular brands such as Dr Althea, Purito, Shangpree, Enature, Troiareuke, Hanskin and Commleaf. Due to space, however, we need to make this move so that we can further grow and bring on more brands I’m dying to introduce you to 🤗 It also allows me to focus on more marketing activities and talk to more of our customers to help improve our offering - which is what I enjoy doing the most!

As you can imagine, this is no easy feat and has been 6 months process. We met with several fulfilment companies until we agreed on the right one for us. Our chosen partner works with numerous other brands, including luxury fashion brands, plus are passionate about growing Beauty & Seoul as much as we are. They were flexible, enthusiastic and shared our ambition. We will be changing all our packaging as well which will all now be recyclable materials.

Although we are committed to minimising any problems, inevitably there will be some teething issues. To thank you all for your loyalty however, we will be having a celebration sale following our move to our new digs. 

I always aim to be fully transparent with you all and hope you share my excitement for future things to come.  The last two years have been incredible thanks to all your support and I really hope you’re excited about us entering this new phase. Thank you so much for all your kind words and support that has got us to this point! Here’s to the next stage. 

Maree x

*UPDATE* we have moved in now and all orders are processing as normal. Thank you so much for your patience :-)

May 29, 2019 — Maree Kinder


Lucy.B said:

I don’t normally comment on blogs but I wanted to show support for women in business and say congrats on scaling up! I’m really happy that I found your store, having always wanted to try a Korean skincare routine and not knowing what was what. I also appreciate your authenticity in connecting with your community! x

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