I feel like I’ve pretty much got my on board skincare routine down to a tee so I thought I’d share – I love watching these kind of videos on YouTube as well and seeing what people bring with them on board a flight.

We all know how tight your skin can get during flights due to the decreased levels of humidity, so I find doing a full on routine really helps soothe it. I’m also a nervous flyer so doing my little ritual helps to keep me calm!

As soon as I get on the flight

I don’t usually wear make up heading to the airport or if I do, it will be minimal. As soon as I get on to the flight I will wash my hands (or use anti-bac) and then use a cleansing water to prep my skin. For my recent flight to Korea, I brought the Thank You Farmer Back to Iceland Cleansing Water 30ml which is the perfect size for travelling! Using a cotton pad, I’ll wipe away any gunk that may have accumulated throughout the day so far. The Son & Park Beauty Water 60ml also works well. 

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I’ll then spritz my face with a mist; on this flight I used the Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Mist which smells divine (this acts as my toner) and then I pack a load of essence, serum or ampoule samples in to my travel pouch which I will use after the mist. I’ll then seal it all in with a thick moisturiser (like the Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Cream) or an overnight mask. 

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Throughout the flight

During the flight, I’ll continue to spritz my face with my mist when it feels a bit dry and also apply hand cream / lip balm as necessary. I really enjoy using my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask on a flight as it is highly moisturising. I’ll also use eye drops to help soothe tired eyes (I can rarely sleep on a flight!)

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Halfway through the flight

About halfway through a long haul flight I’ll repeat the whole process, this time using a moisturising sheet mask and sealing it all in with a sleeping pack. Again, I’ll use a cleansing water to provide my skin with a base (you’ll be amazed at how much gunk comes off in that short period of time!) and then put my sheetmask on. For this flight, I used the Cosrx Moisture Kit which included a Moisture Pad which I used as a toner before putting on the Holy Moly Snail Sheetmask for 15 minutes.

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I’m not bothered that people look at me strangely whilst wearing this but others may feel a little more self conscious! If the latter is you, skip this part and just put on a thick layer of a sleeping mask. For this particular flight, I used the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud but I also have these dinky little samples of the infamous Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and the Huxley Goodnight Mask.

Before Sleeping

Not so much skincare, but to help relax me I’ll carry a few things that may help if you’re a nervous flyer like myself. I bring miniatures of the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and my Sulwhasoo Deep Relax Balm which I’ll put on my wrists and temples. I’ll spray my eyemask with the pillow spray, relax and try my best to get some zzzz’s. My eyemask is from Holistic Silk and I love it, it’s filled with dry lavender and it really does block out all light. The Kao Steam eye masks are also great on a flight!

Before I get off the flight

As we start to descend, I’ll use my cleansing water to remove the excess mask and then follow up with a cotton pad drenched in some of my bottled water. After another spritz of the mist and layer of moisturiser, I’ll pop on some under eye masks to help waken me up a little. These always leave me feeling refreshed as I get off the flight. I really like the Shangpree ones (which I will put in a zip lock bag).

I’ll keep make up light and to a minimum – using a hydrating BB cream like the Hera UV Mist Cushion or the Troiareuke A+ cushion (technically skincare). Browcara to groom my eyebrows and then a bright lip tint to help make me look more awake!

Final Thoughts 

Over the top? Perhaps! But I find this little routine helps me relax on long haul flights plus I definitely notice when I get off the plane that my skin feels super hydrated and not at all parched and dry. Do you do a routine on the plane? Let me know what you bring with you!

Maree x

January 24, 2018 — Maree Kinder


hannah Beute said:

I love this video! I’ve just got into Korean skin care in a big way. Your website is so great and your team supper responsive.

I wish I found this sooner!!!!

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