As most of you know, I’m adopted from South Korea and so on Mother’s Day I spare a thought for all three of my mothers – my birth mother, my foster mother and the lady I consider my real mother – the mum who, like any other mum, was there for my first day of school, there for my awkward teenage years, and who now helps organise the packing for Beauty & Seoul!

I owe it to my mum for enabling me to grow up proud of my Korean heritage. It was my mum who always encouraged me to search for my birth parents, who, when being teased at school, made me learn to appreciate my almond-shaped eyes.

My mum always supported the idea of me going back to Seoul as much as possible and learn more about my heritage and I’m forever grateful for that. She didn’t worry when I quit my job to embark on my birth search, she was on the other end of the phone when the search was unsuccessful. She didn’t doubt me when I quit my well-paid job in marketing to start a beauty blog and run a K-Beauty store. She remains one of my biggest allies, a massive support to Beauty & Seoul and a total KBeauty convert! For this reason, I wanted to ask her about her favourite products to help give you an idea on what to get your mum this Mother’s Day!

What was the biggest thing you noticed when you changed to Korean skincare?

Mum: "The products I chose suited my skin type (dry) so my skin felt really well hydrated and a lot softer after using them on a regular basis."

Talk me through your routine 

Mum: "For my morning routine, I wash my face with Benton Cleansing Foam, apply Pyungkang Yul Essence Toner which is lovely and hydrating. For my moisturiser, I use the Pyungkang Yul Oil. Then I apply my make up if I’m going out for the day.

In the evening, I remove makeup with Heimish All Clean Balm which is really gentle on my skin. I then wash again with the Benton Cleansing Foam and apply the Pyungkang Yul Essence Toner I’m now using the Commleaf Rose Sleeping Pack because I love roses.

What’s your favourite product that you’ve discovered?

Mum: "Probably the Heimish All Clean Balm  to remove makeup (especially great for removing eye makeup) and the Commleaf Rose Sleeping Mask – lovely – leaves skin really soft and it’s rose!"

What's one skincare tip you would give others?

Mum:"Always purchase products that are suitable for your skin type. It sounds obvious but not that many people actually know their skin type and so buy products that aren’t suited for it. So make sure you know your skin type."

All of mum’s favourite products will be discounted from 20th March to 31st March for Mother’s Day! I’ve also discounted some products that I feel would be suitable for all the mothers out there! What will you get your mum? The Commleaf Rose Sleeping Pack (whose mum can resist roses?!) or the Benton Cleansing Foam (an anti-aging face wash named after the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?!)

March 20, 2019 — Maree Kinder

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