From natural ingredients to innovative methods like fermentation, Korean skincare has become hugely popular in recent years. Korean Beauty (or KBeauty as it’s affectionately called by its fans), is all about having an arsenal of products at your disposal to use as and when they are required, depending on how your skin is feeling that day.

Why Korea? Well, in Korea, women (who spend more on beauty products than any other nation), are obsessed with skincare and work hard to attain that ‘glow’. KBeauty is all about maintaining flawless, glowing skin, therefore, minimising the need for heavy make up. Whereas a matte look is popular in the West, in Korea it’s all about that coveted glow. Because well hydrated and nourished skin = healthy skin! Plus, you will look younger and radiant as a result! #win

Given this nationwide dedication to skincare and beauty, the industry in South Korea is highly competitive; meaning companies strive to discover the next ‘it’ ingredient (snail extract anyone?) They invest huge amounts in research and development whilst keeping prices competitive for the consumer. Such is the popularity and faith in KBeauty that experts estimate Korean skincare innovation to be 12 years ahead of their American and French counterparts.

‘But I don’t know anything about Korean skincare’, you may say. But you’d be wrong! BB Creams? Cushion Foundations? Sheet masks? All Korean inventions. Ever evolving, the West is now looking to the East for all the latest trends and products. So why not join us at Beauty & Seoul and stay one step ahead of the curve?

Maree x

April 03, 2017 — Maree Kinder

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