Introducing Commleaf

One of the things that excites me most is when I discover new brands – even more so when they are brands whose philosophy I can get on board with, who have wonderful packaging and whose products are lovely. Enter Commleaf. 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the bottles?


I was seeing these gorgeous little things everywhere on Instagram and had to try them, coupled with the fact that I am a sucker for anything containing rice, I knew these products had to find a place on my dresser.

Commleaf is a brand ‘born to soothe the skin with nature as skin is fatigued from hazardous environments.’ As a girl living in London, this spoke to me. The glass bottles are in the shape of pentagons which represent the 5 essential nutrients that humans need - Carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, minerals and fat.  It also represents five key skincare concerns – anti-wrinkle, soothing, moisturizing, brightening and elasticity. The toners and serums are in lovely glass bottles meaning they are recyclable plus look utterly decadent. Packaging uses FSC forest protection certified and eco-friendly wood pulp and acid free paper as well.

To help me introduce Commleaf to you, I wanted to speak with someone who I know has long been a fan of the brand. If you’re a fan of KBeauty then you’ll probably already be familiar with Katherine, blogger of Skinfull of Seoul. Katherine was one of the first people I followed on Instagram @skinfullofseoul when I moved to Korea a few years back and she recently moved back to the UK (yay!) but still keeps up her KBeauty passion! I kept seeing Commleaf cropping up in her regular routines and knew it would be fun to ask her more about her thoughts on the brand and products.

Where did you first come across the brand Commleaf? 

Katherine: “They first reached out to me over a year ago to try some of their products while I was still living in Seoul. I hadn’t heard of them or seen them on IG at that point, but after looking over their website I was very excited to see what they had to offer.”

What were your first impressions? 

Katherine: “Great! I fell in love with the aesthetic and then really loved their Rose Moisture Pads.They were much more saturated with toner than others I had tried and that led me to try their other products with high expectations. They haven’t disappointed!”

What impressed you the most about the brand? 

Katherine: “I think the quality of their products, particularly in their second wave of products with the Vitarice / Skin Relief lines. I like how they targeted different skin types with those products. Also, they’re in glass bottles which are better for the environment than plastic!”

What are your favourite products that you’ve tried from Commleaf and why?

Katherine: “I have several faves! First is their Rose Moisture Pads because they’re such a useful daily skincare product

Buy COMMLEAF Rose Moisture Pads

However, the Vitarice Essence Water and Vitarice Glow Serum have been amazing for my skin type, which leans quite dry.They’re so nourishing, plump my skin, and there’s a noticeable glow after using them.”

Buy COMMLEAF Vitarice Essence Water


Which of Katherine’s favourites will you try first?

March 07, 2019 by Maree Kinder



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Such a great review and love the interview with Katherine xx


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